Thank You to our #Beliebers...

...Who raised $264 for the CLF's work online! Read about these three great girls below, and get Inspired!

Julieta is 18 years old and comes from Argentina. She draws cartoons of Justin Bieber and his friends. She also attends medical school.
Christine is 24 years old and comes from Norway. She attends university and always find a way to keep herself occupied with volunteer work.
Lauren is 17 years old and comes from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. She is the owner of and attends school in England.
Belieber Collage
In Julieta's words:
"We all have come to known each other through Twitter and our devotion and love for Justin Bieber. Lauren founded an update account called @JBCrewdotcom, and Julieta and Christine are now co-owners. Our mission with the account is to update Beliebers on whatever Justin is up to on a daily basis.
Neither of us have met each other, but through social media and iMessage we’ve made friendships. We hope that when Justin goes back on tour, we’ll meet up and attend a concert together. Until then, we devote ourself to updating Beliebers, keep giving back and pass our finals-lol!"
THANK YOU LADIES! #GetInspired, and start a campaign of your own with your friends for LA's at-risk students!
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Sean McCaffery