Spring Break & #CodingisCool at TrueCar!

Our amazing friends at TrueCar once again hosted an incredible #CodingisCool Workshop on April 12th, 2017, for our teens, middle schoolers, and little ones, (even flying in one amazing female programmer from San Francisco for us!) and ten other programmers got together to teach this workshop for the students in the CLF's Care through College and Vita Network Programs.  In addition, TrueCar employee Brandley Mason and his friend designed an awesome finance seminar for the parents and young adults in the programs. Thank you so much to David, Leighton, India- and all of our TrueCar friends who made this day truly remarkable. (Oh, AND we were treated to delish ice cream and amazing TrueCar gifts, like portable phone and tablet chargers!) THANK YOU, TrueCar! We love you guys so much! (And thank you to TrueCar photographer Steven Carter for these wonderful photos.)

Girls Can Code too! 2 CodingisCool at TrueCar April 12 2017 Collage Finance Workshop fo rthe parents! CodingisCool at TrueCar April 12 2017 Girls Can Code! CodingisCool at TrueCar April 12 2017 Great shot-CodingisCool at TrueCar April 12 2017Girls can Code2-CodingisCool at TrueCar April 12 2017 Great Group Shot-CodingisCool-at TrueCar-April 12 2017