"She And Him" at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday Evening-June 23rd, 2013-THANK YOU, CreateNow.org!

The Children's Lifesaving is so grateful to agencies like Create Now, based in Los Angeles, who offer many great services and recreational and cultural opportunities and free tickets to awesome, local LA events. Case in point: Tickets to the recent "She and Him" performance (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward's wonderful, AM-radio-like band) at the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday, the first Sunday of the summer, and, arguably, the nicest in many months! As many of our teens were at an overnight camp with Program Director Sean the entire week, we invited a few of our volunteers and Vita Network families to join us! Thanks, Create Now, for a great night at the splendid Hollywood Bowl...:) Brian, Enid, Julian-Hollywood Bowl-She and Him-6-23-13Gio, Daisy, Jessica- Hollywood Bowl-She and Him-6-23-13 Hollwood Bowl-She and Him CLF-Create Now Field Trip-6-23-13  Hollywood Bowl-Faith, Lisa Volunteers-6-23-13


Sean McCaffery