Happy 20th Birthday~ CLF!

WHAT A NIGHT at the CLF's Twenty Years of Transformation Gala Concert & Fundraiser on Sat, Dec 7th, at the Malibu Performing Arts Center!Neil Giraldo and his gorgeous wife Pat Benatar performed, Neil hosted, Rev MIchael Beckwith did an incredible invocation, actors Michael Chiklis and John Cygan hilariously helped out with the great Live Auction- with items from Bellamici Jewelry, Neil and Pat, and Variety Cruises, the legendary Dick Van Dyke performed a comic duet with his lovely wife Arlene, awesome Rick Springfield totally rocked us out, the amazing Jonathon Forrester & Jillianne Wagner performed a stunning duet, and Maria's granddaughter, Faith McCaffery, performed a song she wrote herself for her grandmother Maria D'Angelo (and CLF Founder) -"Perfect Time of Year," with extraordinary piano player Woody Woods. And of course, the incredible Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo performed, as well-making the evening truly spectacular for all involved! Thank you, to our amazing friends who attended, the truly astounding performers, our Director-Dave Wein and his amazing crew, Mollie Meyer, (!) plus OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEERS Sol Wein, Nick Kreider, Georgia Van Cuylenberg, Kathy Yore, Suzanne Matteson, Nancy King, Patrick, Nikki D'Angelo, Erin Finley & crew, and of course- Shelby Schoolcraft and Karen Grigio and their great group from Pepperdine's C4C MBA Club- we could not do it with you, dear friends!!!! And of course, to our amazing families- the reason we do it all-and for Jasmin, Valentino, Anais, and Mario- for bravely speaking to the audience- and baring their souls. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! Happy 20th Birthday- CLF! Rev Michael Beckwith does the Invocation-20th Year Gala Concert-2013

Michael Chiklis, Neil & John Cygan-20th Gala 2013!







Pat & Neil- 20 Years 2013 Concert Event!

Jonathon & Jillianne-20 Years Concert- 2013

Faith Singing- 20 Years Concert-2013!



Sean McCaffery