Back-to-School Shopping with Julia Hobbs & Co!

Remember that crisp, Fall, Back-to-School feeling? Cool, new sneakers, awesome outfit. Clean, brand-new, cool backpack? The kids in our Care through College Readiness program do not have such luxuries as this...Please help the Children's Lifesaving Foundation purchase brand new clothing, back-packs for some VERY in-need and very low-income children and teens living in Venice, Mar Vista, Culver City, and Palms, and new bedding for our two Shining Stars Scholars who are going away to college (the very FIRST in their families to do so!) The CLF wants to greatly thank the wonderful Julia Hobbs and her great staff (especially Sage & Nathalie!) at Julia Hobbs Speech Pathology...For the second year in a row, they have elected to take two CLF youth #backtoschoolshopping (!) This month, we went to Old Navy on the Third Street Promenade, where Esme and Cheryl picked out great shoes, jackets, shirts, tees and jeans for the Fall Back-to-School season. Julia, Sage and Nathalie not only funded this excursion, but  JOINED us, and helped the girls choose their many outfits....Thank you, you wonderful ladies, and especially YOU, Julia! This is truly such an extraordinary way for a company of any size to give back, and create a fulfilling, wonderful experience for all who are involved. #Sograteful 



If YOU or your school or company, family or squad of friends would like to participate:


will buy everything a child or teen needs (backpack, new clothing, school supplies & sneakers)


will buy sneakers & a new school uniform or outfit


will buy a new backpack and school supplies  Whatever you donate will make a HUGE difference!

*A donation in ANY amount is greatly appreciated! 

This is also a wonderful way for a family to get involved & do great community servive, or for a company (large or small) to involve their employees in impactful, onsite philanthropy.

You may also donate gift cards directly (Old Navy and Target are great) by calling Francesca at: 310-508-1651, or just purchasing them and we can pick-up directly from you, or you can mail into us at: The Children's Lifesaving Foundation, 1112 Montana Avenue-#534, Santa Monica, CA-90403. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance for your kind generosity!