A GREAT time was had by all at our Malibu Summer Bash on August 18th!

Oh my goodness! What an incredible afternoon at our #CLFMalibuSummerBash- which was the official kick-off for the CLF Pledge and Plunge Challenge! Thank you to Michael Chiklis, our great host of our CLF Summer Bash, and the John Cygan Memorial Scholarship presenters Autumn Chiklis, Annie Cygan & Jack Cygan - and our Scholarship winners- Karen Lopez , Brian Lopez (with CLF Founder Maria D’Angelo) and Jasmin Romero (We were originally giving $500 scholarships, donated by Cathy Cygan, Diane and Jeffrey Shenberger, and Michael & Michelle Chiklis - THEN, before he introduced the scholarship winners and announcers- Michael Chiklis so generously upped EACH scholarship by $500!)We have so many amazing people to thank, including Suzanne Smith, Joseph Greco, Kathy, Roman and the amazing staff at Casa Escobar Malibu -our wonderful signature VIP sponsors, including Li LaVine, Cha-Cha and Mark Weinstein, Ellen Poyer , Marla and Jeffrey Michaels- and all of our wonderful friends who purchased tickets, and made donations, including Rosemarie Laccabue, Stuart & Nancy Horowitz, Mark Lederkramer, Dor Gvirtsman, Jill and Stuart Millberg, Deborah Goldstein, Diane Jewel, Mike and Kim Cunningham, Kathleen Ross, Gino Vigil, A Martinez, Brad Ellerton, Elaine Slipe, Janice Cronkite, Stephen D’Angelo & Kristina Zias, Kristin Ashford, Anne Donovan, Annie Cygan, the Lepor Family, Leslie Sachs, Karen and Kayla Ray, Nick Kreider, Rodney Earley, Antoinette D’Angelo, Don Zinman Tom and Carol Feikls, Rutherford Anfanger Family, Arden Lewis Mount, Susan Monus, Felicia Palombo, Noreen Greendrew, Bonnie Furguson, Anthony Grupposo, Lisa Cislo Bobi Leonard, Ellen Francisco, David Batti, Margaret Hauptman, Eileen Davidson, Burt and Joan Ross,Linda Thompson, Lesli Johnson and other truly amazing friends! The Cygan and Chiklis families are keeping the new tradition of the John Cygan Memorial Scholarships going strong, and we truly cannot thank them enough for their incredible generosity… we are going to do one whole post on the really incredible raffle donations to thank all of our incredible sponsors, and lastly, we once again give an enormous thanks to the incredible entertainment for the day, our dear new friend, Lenny Goldsmith and his incredible band- The New Old! Leslie Martinez, Cody and Sondra-and the rest of the entire beautiful band, we love you all! As Lenny said, you couldn’t get more spiritual today if we were in church! It really felt like that, we love you all so much, and thank you for helping make our Camp for All program all the more strong for 2020!

*Photos below by Thi Nguyen from @SamsungMobile