Learning about Budgeting at Capital One!

What a wonderful BUDGET YOUR FUTURE Workshop we had with our wonderful friends at the @capitalone Cafe in Santa Monica! Our youth and young adults learned how to think about monthly budgets in different career sectors, wants v. needs, and to start thinking about saving for your family and college, if that’s a priority. We LOVED it ( and really wish someone had explained things like what an APR is when we were kids! πŸ€—) THANK YOU, Jane and Stephen, for being such excellent facilitators, and Capital One Ambassadors- and to Martin for arranging the delish Joe’s Pizza for our youth and some of their awesome moms! And Winnie, thank you for helping in organizing this, we love you guys! It was a great evening, and we all learned a lot…

Capital One Finance Workshop.JPG
Stephen-Capital One Finance Workshop.JPG
Jane-Capital One Finance Workshop.JPG